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Professional accident repair centre in Delhi and official Distributor of ‘Steel Seal’

UBS Automotive can facilitate the transportation of prestige super cars, from India to our partners in the UK, for structural and restoration repair.


We are now undertaking vehicle repair direct from Delhi. Specialising in repairs to prestige ‘supercar’ vehicles, we are able to ship, restore and send back to India, a fully repaired, road worthy vehicle.


Our Unique service, allows you to have your prestige vehicle repaired by a specialist accident repair centre in the UK, stress free.


Allow us to handle shipment of your vehicle from Delhi to the UK, internal transportation, vehicle repair and delivery of your vehicle back to you in India. – all at competitive pricing.


We will give you a comprehensive estimated cost and time frame, to repair your vehicle, before you make a decision to use our specialist service – free of charge.


We are honest and transparent about costs from start to finish – so the customer always gets the best service possible.


We offer this service to the luxury prestige car market. Covering vehicle brands that fit into that category, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Audi R8, Range Rover Evoque – to name a few.


Talk to our expert team at UBS Automotive and arrange a consultation today.


What is Steel Seal?


If you are looking for a simple DIY pour in head gasket fix that will save you thousands against a mechanical repair then look no further than Steel Seal head gasket repair. Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair creates a seal that will set like steel; this will repair the leaks in the cylinder head gasket permanently.


Steel Seal can be used in all types of vehicles and engines with a water cooling system regardless of whether your vehicle is gasoline or diesel.

Steel Seal Head Gasket Repair has a solid track record of repairing cars, bikes, vans, pickups, 4×4′s, tractors, trucks and was once even used in an airplane!


We do not claim Steel Seal will fix every blown head gasket as sometimes the damage is simply too severe, but if you catch your problem early there is no product on the market with a higher success rate of fixing a blown head gasket.


PRODUCTS for more information on how to place an order visit or click the logo above. UBS Automotive are the official distributor of Steel Seal
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Tel: +91 70422 95263